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Vintage can be defined as something in the past of a high quality. It alludes to rarity and that makes it even more precious. Sweet Little Vintage exudes every word of its title in dreamy bucket loads. Not only is it the epitome of vintage, evident in the old - world way in which Petroula Tomazos creates each dessert in her home kitchen; the sweetness of each little cupcake and cake is utterly mouth-watering.

Fiercely proud of her Greek heritage fostered on bringing family and food together, Petroula began to experiment with her baking from a young age. Her hobby was appreciated at many gatherings where she trialled her delicious treats on her eager loved ones. A mother, and now grandmother, she has had no shortage of taste testers.

Seven years ago, urged on by her supportive family, she started to sell her Greek sweets and cupcakes at the local markets each Friday. The unprecedented success that Petroula achieved could not be ignored. Feedback from customers was so incredible, that she decided to turn her passion into a full - time business. Families across Australia, and even as far as the UK, Canada, NZ, Europe, South East Asia and UAE have been brought together by her desserts sending to their loved ones in Darwin. So, salivating are her unique flavours, an ordinary day can be turned into a special occasion with just one bite. Weddings, birthdays and other joyous occasions have been made more memorable by the indulgent addition of Sweet Little Vintage.

Perhaps most incredible, is that Petroula is completely self - taught. Whilst drawing on inspiration from some of the most world-renowned bakers, ultimately her sweet treats are unique to her; recipes born out of a love for baking, and her amazing ability to create quirky flavours that tease the taste buds.

When it comes to cakes and cupcakes, looks certainly do count, and it helps that Petroula is particularly creative in dressing her sweet stunners with colourful, eye catching treats that are a fiesta for the senses!

Seven years on and the business continues to thrive. This success can be attributed to Petroula's dedication to delivering only the best baking to her loyal customers. 

Her superior products are created from locally sourced and Australian ingredients where possible. Sweet Little Vintage are happy to cater for custom orders. 

Sweet Little Vintage is a registered home - based business in a licensed kitchen since 2014.

ABN 74208878081


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