My Little Greek Kitchen..The Beginning

Introducing My Little Greek Kitchen

Quite a few years ago, after much encouragement from family, I had begun a personal project to prepare and produce a Greek cookbook inspired by traditional and modern home cooking, carried down from generations. Time, and of course many commitments, had passed me by – and the project came to a halt. Only recently, I had come across my project that I had dedicated endless hours on, and the photographs taken (thanks to my daughter Georgia whom I nagged constantly to put her photography skills to a test) from all the delicious meals cooked that my children and husband definitely enjoyed.

It was meant to be found in time, and that time is now – as for my first entry into the blogging world, which is definitely new ground to me, I would like to take this story to introduce you to my blog – "My Little Greek Kitchen".

So, what is My Little Greek Kitchen about??

Sharing authentic Greek style home cooking with everyone, of recipes and traditions that have been around for generations and carried down in our families – most specifically my mother Sevasti, where traditional cooking is close to her heart. I will also take this blog as an opportunity to share some of my favourite dishes, desserts (of course my favourite as I'm a sweet tooth & love to bake) and plenty more from news/updates (relating to my little business which I will also blog about), travel & more. I am excited to begin this journey with you and carry on my project, which was meant to be!

“If God had intended us to follow recipes, He wouldn’t have given us grandmothers.” 

Linda Henley

Petroula Tomazos x

My mothers recipe journal in Greek (mind you I can't really read it)!!


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